Riverton Pharmacy is a URAC-accredited specialty pharmacy, that has played a vital role in the New York City, New York, area for over a decade. It is the only independent pharmacy in the city and has never ceased to offer the kind of care and support for its community that is increasingly rare today.

Whether by offering services like free delivery of medication to patients who are limited in mobility by health or weather, or by sending pharmacists to low-income housing developments on a monthly basis to discuss health issues with residents, our staff is dedicated to providing generous and personalized attention to the members of his community.

Products and Services offered:

  • Considering that New York City is a “Melting Pot “of cultures and peoples from around the world at Riverton Pharmacy we speak besides English: Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Hindi, and Telugu. At Riverton  Pharmacy your patient will feel at home.
  • We accept all major insurances including Caremark and Health First. and will go out of our way to help your patient connect with his insurance or find the best coverage plan for his needs.
  • We Immunize
  • We perform   Medication Therapy Management.
  • We are Nutritionists
  • We proudly service Nursing Homes
  • Fast Prescription Dispensing
  • We Blister-Pak for safe, efficient medication dispensing and patient compliance.
  • We offer an exclusive OTC Service that includes Blood pressure Monitoring
  • and a 10% Senior Discount
  • Free Home Pick up & Delivery

None of the Chain or other Independent pharmacies are able to offer our  Exclusive Customer Service,  Quality Assurance, and free Pharmacist Counseling.