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Mucinex Fast-Max 6 oz.

  • 1 Dose, 9 Symptom Relief, Maximum Strength Formula
  • Relieves Aches, Fever, & Sore Throat
  • Controls Cough
  • Relieves Nasal & Chest Congestion
  • Thins & Loosens Mucus
Product Price $10.99

Product Description

A cough is a reflex that helps get rid of mucus and foreign particles in your airways. When the cough receptors scattered throughout your airways are stimulated by irritants or triggered by an accumulation of excess mucus, they send a signal to the cough center in the brain to bring about the cough. Chest congestion is when the membranes that line your airways are irritated and inflamed, resulting in the production of thicker and more abundant mucus. This irritation can be caused by inhaling particles such as allergens, bacteria, or viruses. Your sinuses, the pairs of cavities in your skull that connect to your nasal passageways, are thinly lined with mucus membranes to keep the inside of your nose moist. Irritants like viruses can cause the mucus membranes to become inflamed, narrowing the passageways and resulting in the accumulation of thick mucus. This causes that uncomfortable feeling of congestion making it difficult to breathe through your nose. Irritants can cause inflammation of the mucus membranes lining your airways and swelling of the sinus lining, leading to space restriction and decreased drainage of the sinus. This causes excess mucus buildup, putting pressure on the underlying tissues in your face and leading to that uncomfortable feeling of sinus pressure.

Product Features

Mucinex Fast-Max 6 DM max 10.99$ units: 10
Mucinex Fast-Max 6 Severe Congestion & Cough 10.99$ units: 25